About From Babies with Love

Buying gorgeous gifts for a beautiful baby is one of life’s pleasures. But too many babies in the world have no one to give them gifts, or anything else. So at From Babies with Love, we do things differently. Every penny of profit from our unique, ethically sourced designs goes to orphaned and abandoned children around the world. And in safe, happy places, vulnerable children can grow up in a loving family. We started this company to make a difference. And with every gift that you buy, you are too.

From Prince Grandpa With Love!

Today we hand delivered a present to Prince George – via his Grandpa!


As part of Celebrating Enterprise Week, we met HRH the Prince of Wales at an event organised by Business in the Community, of which he is President.  We and four other social enterprises showcased our work and the unique contribution we’re making to solve some of society’s most challenging issues. 

Business in the Community is a business-led charity that campaigns for all businesses to be responsible. It believes that one of the most powerful ways for business to make a positive impact in communities is through supporting enterprise growth.  arc is Business in the Community’s  flagship programme to connect social entrepreneurs with support from a collaboration of its member companies.  We’re a member of the arc programme and are receiving fantastic support.

We told Prince Charles all about our organic baby clothes and the children we donate 100% of our profit to support.  He’s a fan of organic, so we explained that we only sell high quality organic cotton products, and mentioned that we hope Prince George is enjoying organic baby clothes too!

He was very interested in our business model and congratulated us on the difference we’re making to children’s lives.  We gave him this beautiful Elephant print blue baby grow. We hope Princess Kate & Prince William will love our gift, and enjoy knowing that we’re using 100% of our profits to help vulnerable babies all round the world.



Meet Dembe!

Its not every day a baby joins a new SOS family. Imagine the excitement when a pair of twins came to the same house together! This is baby Dembe; he and his sister were just a few months old when they started a new life in an SOS village in Fort Portal, Uganda.


Uganda is a country rebuilding a peaceful society after decades of conflict that affected millions of people. The conflict began in the late 1980’s; the Lord’s Resistance Army abducted over 25,000 children, recruited between 60,000 and 100,000 child soldiers and displaced almost 2 million people. A truce was reached in 2006 but violence has continued. Most of the Ugandan internally displaced people have now returned to their hometowns and the situation for many is improving, but there are still great challenges.

Dembe and his sister’s parents have died, but with their new family they’ll receive love and care from their SOS mother, brothers and sisters.  Thanks to your custom Dembe has the opportunities we hope for any child: security, love, healthcare, education – the chance to be a child and have fun! Dembe’s SOS mother describes him as “a funny little one” and notes that he loves everyone but is particularly attached to his twin sister.  We wish we could see them together, but for now it’s a heart-warming feeling to know they are both safe and loved, with a bright future ahead of them.

We donate 100% of our profits to orphaned and abandoned babies like Dembe.  Browse our range of beautiful organic baby clothes and enjoy knowing you’re helping babies in need!

Celebrating our first birthday with baby Fabio!

This month we’re celebrating our first birthday! And what a year it’s been – thanks to your custom we’re already donating our profits to support six children and two nursery schools.

To celebrate we’re delighted to introduce you to this cheeky little chap! Baby Fabio, one year old and from Brazil, is the youngest in his SOS family – his SOS mother says he loves the attention!


Despite all we know and love about Brazil there is great inequality and for many, life is extremely insecure and unsafe. Both Fabio’s parents died, but now that he’s with his SOS family he has a new start in life.

We’re donating 100% of our profit to help orphaned children across Africa and in India and Brazil.  Our profit supports them to live in new family homes in children’s villages run by our partner charity SOS Children.  There they grow up safely, loved by their SOS mother, brothers and sisters, and go to school. We’re also using our profits to support 2 village nursery schools, in Zambia and Malawi.

Marking our first year, Fabio’s gorgeous smile is extra special and we love to think how we’re growing up alongside him and all the children we support.  Thanks to all our customers and supporters for making our first year so special, even more so for the children whose lives you’ve changed. For them and us, let’s see what fun toddlerhood brings!

Buy beautiful baby clothes at www.frombabieswithlove.org: Style with substance and smiles all round!

Our first baby is all grown up!

It’s a year since we first introduced you to Ousmane, the first baby we’ve used our profits to support. We recently received gorgeous pictures from his SOS Children’s village.

Ousmane attends the village nursery, which follows a Montessori approach.  He’s enjoying all the normal things that toddlers love, here he is on a toy car.


And here’s our favourite picture, Ousmane with his foster sister.  He and his sister, along with several other siblings, live with their SOS Mother in a family home in the children’s village.


We love receiving updates from the babies we’re supporting and hope you do too.  Visit www.frombabieswithlove.org today – it’s your purchases that help children like Ousmane have safe and happy childhoods.  But wow don’t they grow up fast!

The New Buzz Word in Baby Wear is Organics!

In its March-April 2013 edition, Gurgle Magazine says the new buzz word in baby wear is organics!  “…when you’re a new mum it suddenly feels important that your little one is wrapped up in natural fibres that have been ethically resourced.”  

At from babies with love this is certianly our experience, plus there are the social and environmental benefits too. Organic means no artificial pesticides are sprayed on crops, the cotton is not genetically modified and that cotton producers, wildlife and the environment are protected. Using organic cotton means we are working with nature not against it.

Plus, as Gurgle Magazine says: “if you want to feel even better about yourself, how about cute baby grows from frombabieswithlove.org – not only are they made from 100 percent orgnaic cotton, but all (yes, all) their profits go towards helping abandoned children around the world”. Check out Gurgle Magazine for the latest parenting news!


This World Orphan Week: Introducing Gloria!

This World Orphan Week we would like to introduce you to little Gloria!  14 months old, she arrived at her SOS Children’s Village in Chipata, Zambia, in October 2012.


Chipata is the main town in Zambia’s Eastern Province; rural-urban migration has contributed to it’s growing population. The construction of the railway line along the Nacala Corridor (linking Zambia to the coast of Mozambique, via Malawi) brings population growth through migrant labour.  It also brings an increased number of HIV infections and the expansion of informal and squatter settlements. HIV infection rates have risen and there’s a particularly high rate of family breakdown and child abandonment. Around one in six of all children in Chipata are orphans, compared to one in 12 in the general population.

Thanks to her SOS Mother, all the team at SOS Children, donors and supporters including our customers, Gloria has a wonderful childhood ahead; safe, loved, growing up in a family with brothers and sisters and she’ll receive an education.

Here’s a lovely picture of some of the children’s she’ll be surrounded by:



Alongside Ousmane, Mariama, Anjali and Sandrine, we’re thrilled to be donating our profits to support little Gloria and are looking forward to watching her grow up!  Follow her, and all the childrens’ news, plus check out the gorgeous new additions to our baby clothes range at www.frombabieswithlove.org


Your shopping = support to another nursery school!

Thanks to your custom we’re now supporting the 114 children that live in the SOS Children’s Village in Lilongwe, Malawi!   We’re supporting the village, and in particular the nursery school, which cares for babies and toddlers in the village as well as the surrounding community.

Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, has high levels of malnourishment.   Many parents, especially single mothers, often go without eating for several days at a time – what little food is available goes to the children.   Parents weakened by hunger can mean they are unable to care for their children, and often suffer from weak immunity to common illnesses such as colds.  Challenges such as these create harsh conditions for children, so the work of organisations like SOS Children to secure a loving home, nutritious diet, health and education for every child, is critical.

The children’s village in Liliongwe opened in 1994; it has 12 family houses that care for 114 children.  In addition to the nursery school, there is a primary and secondary school, a medical centre, youth home and vocational training centre.

Malawi nursery picture Feb13

The medical centre provides healthcare for babies, children, and mothers.   Reflecting on the incredible care I received from the NHS during my pregnancy, and that my son has received ever since, I appreciate even more how critical these services are.   Services that many of us find hard to imagine, like care for those living with HIV/ AIDS, or care for children that get malaria.   Services we wouldn’t necessarily even think of, like programmes to decrease malnutrition.    Plus of course all the things we are used to here in the UK, from babies’ inoculations to care for common illnesses such as diarrhoea.

We’re so pleased to make our small contribution to all of SOS Children’s incredible work in Lilongwe.   To know that the 114 children in the village live with the love of their SOS foster mothers, brothers and sisters, and that the village services support many other children in the community, spurs us onwards to provide more and more support!  Which, of course, is down to you, our customers and supporters.   So as always, an enormous thank you!  We hope you are enjoying knowing how you’re helping vulnerable children, whilst your little loved ones are enjoying their baby clothes!