Meet Dembe!

Its not every day a baby joins a new SOS family. Imagine the excitement when a pair of twins came to the same house together! This is baby Dembe; he and his sister were just a few months old when they started a new life in an SOS village in Fort Portal, Uganda.


Uganda is a country rebuilding a peaceful society after decades of conflict that affected millions of people. The conflict began in the late 1980’s; the Lord’s Resistance Army abducted over 25,000 children, recruited between 60,000 and 100,000 child soldiers and displaced almost 2 million people. A truce was reached in 2006 but violence has continued. Most of the Ugandan internally displaced people have now returned to their hometowns and the situation for many is improving, but there are still great challenges.

Dembe and his sister’s parents have died, but with their new family they’ll receive love and care from their SOS mother, brothers and sisters.  Thanks to your custom Dembe has the opportunities we hope for any child: security, love, healthcare, education – the chance to be a child and have fun! Dembe’s SOS mother describes him as “a funny little one” and notes that he loves everyone but is particularly attached to his twin sister.  We wish we could see them together, but for now it’s a heart-warming feeling to know they are both safe and loved, with a bright future ahead of them.

We donate 100% of our profits to orphaned and abandoned babies like Dembe.  Browse our range of beautiful organic baby clothes and enjoy knowing you’re helping babies in need!