Celebrating our first birthday with baby Fabio!

This month we’re celebrating our first birthday! And what a year it’s been – thanks to your custom we’re already donating our profits to support six children and two nursery schools.

To celebrate we’re delighted to introduce you to this cheeky little chap! Baby Fabio, one year old and from Brazil, is the youngest in his SOS family – his SOS mother says he loves the attention!


Despite all we know and love about Brazil there is great inequality and for many, life is extremely insecure and unsafe. Both Fabio’s parents died, but now that he’s with his SOS family he has a new start in life.

We’re donating 100% of our profit to help orphaned children across Africa and in India and Brazil.  Our profit supports them to live in new family homes in children’s villages run by our partner charity SOS Children.  There they grow up safely, loved by their SOS mother, brothers and sisters, and go to school. We’re also using our profits to support 2 village nursery schools, in Zambia and Malawi.

Marking our first year, Fabio’s gorgeous smile is extra special and we love to think how we’re growing up alongside him and all the children we support.  Thanks to all our customers and supporters for making our first year so special, even more so for the children whose lives you’ve changed. For them and us, let’s see what fun toddlerhood brings!

Buy beautiful baby clothes at www.frombabieswithlove.org: Style with substance and smiles all round!


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