Our first baby is all grown up!

It’s a year since we first introduced you to Ousmane, the first baby we’ve used our profits to support. We recently received gorgeous pictures from his SOS Children’s village.

Ousmane attends the village nursery, which follows a Montessori approach.  He’s enjoying all the normal things that toddlers love, here he is on a toy car.


And here’s our favourite picture, Ousmane with his foster sister.  He and his sister, along with several other siblings, live with their SOS Mother in a family home in the children’s village.


We love receiving updates from the babies we’re supporting and hope you do too.  Visit www.frombabieswithlove.org today – it’s your purchases that help children like Ousmane have safe and happy childhoods.  But wow don’t they grow up fast!


The New Buzz Word in Baby Wear is Organics!

In its March-April 2013 edition, Gurgle Magazine says the new buzz word in baby wear is organics!  “…when you’re a new mum it suddenly feels important that your little one is wrapped up in natural fibres that have been ethically resourced.”  

At from babies with love this is certianly our experience, plus there are the social and environmental benefits too. Organic means no artificial pesticides are sprayed on crops, the cotton is not genetically modified and that cotton producers, wildlife and the environment are protected. Using organic cotton means we are working with nature not against it.

Plus, as Gurgle Magazine says: “if you want to feel even better about yourself, how about cute baby grows from frombabieswithlove.org – not only are they made from 100 percent orgnaic cotton, but all (yes, all) their profits go towards helping abandoned children around the world”. Check out Gurgle Magazine for the latest parenting news!