This World Orphan Week: Introducing Gloria!

This World Orphan Week we would like to introduce you to little Gloria!  14 months old, she arrived at her SOS Children’s Village in Chipata, Zambia, in October 2012.


Chipata is the main town in Zambia’s Eastern Province; rural-urban migration has contributed to it’s growing population. The construction of the railway line along the Nacala Corridor (linking Zambia to the coast of Mozambique, via Malawi) brings population growth through migrant labour.  It also brings an increased number of HIV infections and the expansion of informal and squatter settlements. HIV infection rates have risen and there’s a particularly high rate of family breakdown and child abandonment. Around one in six of all children in Chipata are orphans, compared to one in 12 in the general population.

Thanks to her SOS Mother, all the team at SOS Children, donors and supporters including our customers, Gloria has a wonderful childhood ahead; safe, loved, growing up in a family with brothers and sisters and she’ll receive an education.

Here’s a lovely picture of some of the children’s she’ll be surrounded by:



Alongside Ousmane, Mariama, Anjali and Sandrine, we’re thrilled to be donating our profits to support little Gloria and are looking forward to watching her grow up!  Follow her, and all the childrens’ news, plus check out the gorgeous new additions to our baby clothes range at