Your shopping = support to another nursery school!

Thanks to your custom we’re now supporting the 114 children that live in the SOS Children’s Village in Lilongwe, Malawi!   We’re supporting the village, and in particular the nursery school, which cares for babies and toddlers in the village as well as the surrounding community.

Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, has high levels of malnourishment.   Many parents, especially single mothers, often go without eating for several days at a time – what little food is available goes to the children.   Parents weakened by hunger can mean they are unable to care for their children, and often suffer from weak immunity to common illnesses such as colds.  Challenges such as these create harsh conditions for children, so the work of organisations like SOS Children to secure a loving home, nutritious diet, health and education for every child, is critical.

The children’s village in Liliongwe opened in 1994; it has 12 family houses that care for 114 children.  In addition to the nursery school, there is a primary and secondary school, a medical centre, youth home and vocational training centre.

Malawi nursery picture Feb13

The medical centre provides healthcare for babies, children, and mothers.   Reflecting on the incredible care I received from the NHS during my pregnancy, and that my son has received ever since, I appreciate even more how critical these services are.   Services that many of us find hard to imagine, like care for those living with HIV/ AIDS, or care for children that get malaria.   Services we wouldn’t necessarily even think of, like programmes to decrease malnutrition.    Plus of course all the things we are used to here in the UK, from babies’ inoculations to care for common illnesses such as diarrhoea.

We’re so pleased to make our small contribution to all of SOS Children’s incredible work in Lilongwe.   To know that the 114 children in the village live with the love of their SOS foster mothers, brothers and sisters, and that the village services support many other children in the community, spurs us onwards to provide more and more support!  Which, of course, is down to you, our customers and supporters.   So as always, an enormous thank you!  We hope you are enjoying knowing how you’re helping vulnerable children, whilst your little loved ones are enjoying their baby clothes!