Happy Christmas Baby Sandrine!

We’re very excited to share news of a new baby we’re supporting, Sandrine, in Burkina Faso.


Burkina Faso is an extremely poor country; at 53 years life expectancy is very low.  770,000 children in Burkina Faso are growing up without parental care, thousands being orphaned by AIDS. HIV & AIDS exacerbates child labour – as households lose adult members, family income declines so children have to contribute financially.  This in turn impacts education, only a quarter of the population knows how to read and write.

Creating change in this overwhelming context, SOS Children has been working in Burkina Faso since the 1990s.  In March 2012 Sandrine moved in to the SOS Children’s village in Dafra, a suburb of Burkina Faso’s second largest city, Bobo-Dioulasso, where 12 SOS families provide a loving home for around 120 children.

The children attend the SOS nursery school together with children from the neighbourhood, ensuring they are integrated in to the local community.  They go on to complete their education at the SOS primary and secondary school, which is attended by 900 children, making it an important educational institution in the region. The village has a social centre that provides health services, counseling and care for families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Sandrine’s SOS Mother has written to tell us a little about her: she’s a lively girl, very curious and eager to explore.  Sandrine has elder SOS siblings, whom she is very observant of so she can imitate what they do.  They say that you rarely see Sandrine walk as she prefers to run all the time!

This time of year feels extra special to meet Sandrine and know that we are helping her SOS Mother, and the whole SOS Children team, give her a fair start in life.   Wishing you a very happy Christmas little Sandrine!

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