How will I leave these under the tree?! #BuySocial luxury from Rococo Chocolates

It’s a wonderful thing that fairtrade chocolate is well known and widely available.  My favourite chocolate company with social and environmental aims is Rococo Chocolates.   A delicious treat, much of their cocoa is organic, and the story of their “Grococo” chocolate is perfect for my #BuySocial Christmas Challenge.

Rococo has a joint venture with the Grenada Chocolate Company, a small, solar-powered tree-to-bar maker.   When Hurricane Emily devastated Grenada’s cocoa crop in 2005; Rococo made a special edition bar in aid of the Grenada Relief Fund.   Now they work together to produce fairly traded, ethical chocolate on the Grococo farm.    The farm is one of the founding farms of The Grenada Organic Cocoa Farmers’ Cooperative.

Rococo sells exquisite chocolates, beautifully presented in boxes, bars and often in quirky shapes and designs.  I choose a selection of their bars (Crystallised Ginger, Earl Grey Tea and Orange & Geranium) and a box of butter fudge as gifts for family members.  The real challenge will be leaving them untouched under the tree!


Check out Rococo’s scrumptious selection at

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