My Social Enterprise Christmas Shopping Challenge: #BuySocial

Scratching your head about what to give at Christmas? Want to buy great gifts that make a difference? Why not join me in my Social Enterprise Christmas Shopping Challenge? It’s simple: Buy Social. Over the next few weeks I’m going to buy all my Christmas presents from Social Enterprises.

There are more options than you might initially think…. I’ve already figured out for whom I’m buying Social Enterprise gifts such as a handbag, underwear and chocolates.  The Social Enterprise sector is growing, so “buying social” is easier than ever.

Why Buy Social?  Social Enterprises are just like normal businesses, except they have social aims.   For example to support disadvantaged people by providing employment or to reduce waste by turning discarded materials into beautiful products.  When you can buy from a company that has a social mission and uses its profit to do something good, why buy anywhere else?

As the founder of a Social Enterprise,, I’m excited to see the increasing range and number of Social Enterprise retailers. At from babies with love we sell organic baby clothes and donate 100% of our profit to orphaned and abandoned babies.  Customers enjoy their beautiful purchases and enjoy knowing they’re helping vulnerable babies elsewhere.  A win-win!

So, to my shopping list… I’m looking for fantastic Social Enterprise gifts for my family and friends, for a range of ages (from children to grandparents)… gifts that are going to feel wonderful to buy as well as to give.   I’ll be updating this blog as I go, shouting about just how many brilliant options there are to Buy Social.   If you have suggestions please get in touch, I would love to hear ideas!

Banish the reindeer patterned jumper. Join me in the Buy Social Revolution.

Cecilia Crossley is the founder of  Contact her at, on twitter @frombabies or by using #BuySocial


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