Anjali’s second start in life

Meet Anjali!  She’s 20 months old and from India, and from babies with love has just begun supporting her.   Anjali is an orphan, but she began a new life when she was welcomed to the SOS Children’s village in Faridabad, northern India at the beginning of this year.

India is the world’s largest democracy and is one of the fastest growing developing countries.    Yet the population of over 1 billion face many social problems – in the context of great inequality.   47% of children under 5 are malnourished, and there is a high incidence of child labour and out-of-school children.

But thanks to the love and care from her SOS Mother in the children’s village, Anjali will grow up without many of the challenges and worries that so many Indian children face.

Faridabad children’s village is the smallest in India.  It has 5 family houses and 4 youth houses.   There is a combined nursery, primary and secondary school for 1,400 children – from the village and surrounding community.   Faridabad village is also a training centre for all the SOS Children’s villages in India.

We are so delighted to have received a letter from the Village this week, and adorably, this heart warming picture of the village, drawn by one of the children.   Looks like Anjali might grow up to be a footballer!

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