You are SOS Children’s Supporter of the Month!


A huge thank you to SOS Children for selecting from babies with love as Supporter of the Month!

We’re enormously proud to be donating 100% of our profit to, in partnership with SOS Children, support orphaned and abandoned children.   SOS Children believes all children should belong to a family.  They look after babies and children who have lost their parents through war, famine, disease or poverty.    Their approach is to build a community for children who have nobody else to turn to; they run an amazing 518 Villages in 125 countries, where children are given a home, a family and a new mother, brothers and sisters.

SOS Children’s newest village is in Chipata, Zambia. Baby Audrey has just moved in.   Just 3 months old she was founded abandoned in a field.   Now she’ll be part of the Chipata Village community, live in her new, loving home, with her foster mother and family.

Learning about the babies and children is hugely rewarding all of us in the from babies with love team.   But actually it’s you our – customers and supporters – who are the true Supporters of the Month!  We hope you feel the same way we do!  We hope you’re enjoying your organic baby clothes, and of course, enjoying knowing how you’ve contributed to changing the lives of babies like Audrey.

As well as supporting the running of the nursery school, in the coming months we will begin supporting some of the babies that have just moved in to Chipata Village.  Right now we’re about to begin supporting our 3rd baby, a one year old girl in India.   We can’t wait to find out more about her – so watch this space!

And, like all of us here, enjoy being Supporter of the Month! 

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