Celebrations at SOS Children’s new Village in Zambia!

On 10th October new SOS foster mothers welcomed guests celebrating the opening of SOS Children’s new village in Chipata, Zambia!

In Chipata one in six children are orphans. “Filthy, hungry and with nothing. You wouldn’t believe the state the children are in when they come to us”, confided Mulenga-Chilambo, Village Director.  But as the charity SOS Children reported, the children no longer have to worry about the hardships they have suffered in their short lives.   Now settling in with their new SOS foster months, they have the love and security they need to flourish.

The children are now living in family homes headed by their SOS foster mother.  Each home has a large living space, a kitchen, two bathrooms, bedrooms with bunk-beds for the children, a porch and garden.  The gardens have a vegetable plot, so the children can learn the skills to produce food for themselves and their families.

By donating its profits from selling organic baby clothes from babies with love is supporting the new nursery school, where toddlers in the village, and the surrounding community, will access education for the first time.

Alongside SOS Children, all the new families and the many UK supporters that have made Chiapata Village possible, we are so happy to see the wonderful celebrations and look forward to watching the children grow up!


You are SOS Children’s Supporter of the Month!


A huge thank you to SOS Children for selecting from babies with love as Supporter of the Month!

We’re enormously proud to be donating 100% of our profit to, in partnership with SOS Children, support orphaned and abandoned children.   SOS Children believes all children should belong to a family.  They look after babies and children who have lost their parents through war, famine, disease or poverty.    Their approach is to build a community for children who have nobody else to turn to; they run an amazing 518 Villages in 125 countries, where children are given a home, a family and a new mother, brothers and sisters.

SOS Children’s newest village is in Chipata, Zambia. Baby Audrey has just moved in.   Just 3 months old she was founded abandoned in a field.   Now she’ll be part of the Chipata Village community, live in her new, loving home, with her foster mother and family.

Learning about the babies and children is hugely rewarding all of us in the from babies with love team.   But actually it’s you our – customers and supporters – who are the true Supporters of the Month!  We hope you feel the same way we do!  We hope you’re enjoying your organic baby clothes, and of course, enjoying knowing how you’ve contributed to changing the lives of babies like Audrey.

As well as supporting the running of the nursery school, in the coming months we will begin supporting some of the babies that have just moved in to Chipata Village.  Right now we’re about to begin supporting our 3rd baby, a one year old girl in India.   We can’t wait to find out more about her – so watch this space!

And, like all of us here, enjoy being Supporter of the Month!  Continue reading

Flying the Flag for Social Enterprise

Wow!  We are delighted that from babies with love is an England finalist for Start Up of the Year at the Social Enterprise 2012 awards!

We are shortlisted amongst some great social enterprises, from an organization creating jobs for ex-offenders to one that works to widen access to top universities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

So we’re feeling very honoured!

Many people don’t know what a social enterprise is… I hope that very soon it will be a widely understood term… in the meantime we hope we are helping spread the concept through our online shop.  In addition to from babies with love, I bet you’ve come across a social enterprise, but maybe without realising it… Have you ever bought a Big Issue? Been to the Eden Project? Watched Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen?

Social Enterprise UK describes social enterprises as “…businesses that trade to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment.  They make their money from selling goods and services in the open market, but they reinvest their profits back into the business or the local community.  And so when they profit, society profits”.

from babies with love is a social enterprise because we sell baby clothes and donate 100% of our profits to fund the care of orphaned and abandoned babies.

We, like many social enterprises, are accredited by the Social Enterprise Mark. This means that from babies with love has proved it is genuine against independently assessed criteria for social enterprise. The Mark provides assurance that our profits are used to improve the lives of orphaned and abandoned children, acting as a guarantee that from babies with love is trading for people and planet.

The social enterprise sector is growing and my bet is in time we’ll have many more options to buy products – that we would buy anyway – from social enterprises.   The thing I love about that is it’s a win-win-win situation:

–       You enjoy your product,

–       You get the added bonus of enjoying knowing the profit is helping society,

–       Society is better off as a result of your purchase.

Fingers crossed that from babies with love progresses in the Social Enterprise Awards!  But most of all I hope all the amazing social enterprises, across all the award categories, will continue in their successes – so that in no time at all buying from social enterprises is just an everyday part of what we all do.