6 weeks to opening! News from Chipata children’s village, Zambia

Its now just 6 weeks until the official opening of SOS Children’s new children’s village in Chipata, Zambia.   Alongside support from many wonderful donors, we are using our profit to help fund the build and running of the village, which will provide a loving home to around 130 orphaned or abandoned children.

We are helping fund the new nursery school, which will care for around 90 toddlers.   When we last shared news of Chipata Village, back in April, the nursery school had only the beginnings of its structure…   here’s what’s been going on since!


Chipata children’s village has 13 family homes.  An SOS foster mother will head each home, providing a loving family to around 10 vulnerable children.   News from the village is that all the SOS Mothers have completed their training, including spending time in another children’s village to learn from the experienced foster mothers there.   At this very moment Chipata’s SOS Mothers are moving in to their new houses, the first step to the Village becoming a home.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing inspiring stories from the SOS Mothers and children, and celebrating as the children settle in their new family homes, and start nursery school!  We can’t wait!


Hurray! We’re a finalist at the MumpreneurUK Awards!

We’re delighted to announce that we’re in the final line up of the national Mumpreneur Awards, an annual ceremony that celebrates parents throughout the UK who manage the difficult task of juggling business with family life.

from babies with love has been shortlisted for the Best Green Business Award, which is open to businesses that provide eco-friendly or ethical products and services in the UK. Having reached the finals of The Mumpreneur Awards, from babies with love founder Cecilia Crossley said “we’re working hard to be green, to make a positive social contribution and to break new ground for social enterprises – so I’m absolutely delighted we’re a finalist for the Mumpreneur Best Green Business Award.”

We recognise that there are impacts from the raw materials (particularly the growth of cotton), the manufacture, the distribution, the use and the disposal of our products. We work hard to minimise our environmental impacts and maximise our social impacts by:

  • giving all our profits to charities supporting orphaned and abandoned children
  • selling products made from organic cotton – which we believe are better for our babies and better for the planet, recognising that we’re fundamentally reliant on the land and soil, so should look after it
  • working with suppliers whose values we support
  • promoting the social enterprise model
  • using only recycled, recyclable and compostable packaging and materials where we can
  • encouraging our customers to minimise their environmental impacts from the way they buy and use the products
  • encouraging the recipients of our products to pass them on to friends, family, or to charity, once their babies have grown out of them.

Find out what you can do to help further minimise environmental impact and increase social impacts of our products here 

Judging our entry will be a panel of top entrepreneurs including Glamour Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief, Jo Elvin, but we have to wait until 30th September, when the winners will be announced at The Mumpreneur Conference.   This event is open to all parents who juggle family and business, and also for those interested in taking the plunge and starting up. Tickets can be purchased through the MumpreneurUK website, where you’ll find a whole range of resources and information for business mums.

So, fingers crossed for the finals!