The fruits of success: extending support to baby Mariama

Rewind the clock 21 months. Mariama was a newborn baby whose mother had sadly passed away and whose family was not in a position to look after her. She was born in The Gambia – one of the poorest countries in the world, located in West Africa.

But then her life changed – for the better.  She was taken in by one of the SOS Children’s Villages in The Gambia.  Fast forward to the present day; Mariama, now a gorgeous little girl, is living with a new family – her foster mum, brothers and sisters.

It’s thanks to our lovely customers, that we are now supporting Mariama – the second child that we are able to sponsor by donating 100% of our profits from selling beautiful organic baby clothes.

Her foster mother has sent us a letter describing what she gets up to:  she is very sociable and plays with her friends for hours at a time.  In quieter moments she adores her toy animals.    Apparently her favourite food is fruit – which I would say is a miracle as my son refuses most fruit I give him!

The Gambia is a tiny country – only a fifth of the size of Wales.  In 2010 the United Nations Development Programme ranked The Gambia towards the very bottom of its Human Development index, only 151st out of 169 countries.  Mariama lives in a children’s village called Basse, which opened in 2007 thanks to donors from the UK.   It has 12 family houses, giving homes to over 100 children. There is a large playground and lots of green space.  The SOS Nursery provides a pre-school education to 120 children, and over 200 children attend the SOS Primary School – from the children’s village and the surrounding community.

We are delighted to be helping Mariama have the fair start in life she deserves.   On her behalf we extend a heartfelt thank you to all our customers.  We hope you are enjoying your beautiful purchases and this wonderful news of Mariama adds an extra smile to your day!  We want to be able to support many more children like Mariama, so please continue to visit our organic baby clothes shop and please do spread the word!