Dear little Ousmane is growing up!

We’ve received news from the foster mother of the first baby we’ve sponsored!

Ousmane is now nearly 18months old.  He lives in an SOS Children’s Village in Guinea, West Africa, with his foster siblings, loved and cared for by his foster mum.

She has written to update us: he’s now walking – keeps trying to turn on the tv! – and likes to follow his foster siblings every where they go.    He’s an independent little boy; he has started nursery in the toddler class and gets on well with the nursery nanny and other children.   He’s starting to say a few words – which really makes me smile as my son, who’s the same age as Ousmane, is beginning to speak too and I’m finding its such a fun and adorable phase!

Guinea is one of the poorest countries with a high under-5 mortality rate.  Sadly Ousmane’s father died and his mother was unable to care for him, but thanks to our customers we are helping to give him a great start in life.

We’re delighted to share this news.  An enormous thank you to our wonderful customers; we hope you are enjoying your purchases and news of how you are helping Ousmane adds a little smile to your day!