Dried pasta, glitter and glue – organised chaos from the UK to Zambia!

My son goes to an adorable nursery school two days a week.   He loves it – I think because he’s allowed to make a lot more mess than he is at home – I would never have come up with dried pasta, glitter and glue play!

Toddlers everywhere want to learn and have fun in a safe and loving environment.  And they all deserve it!  So we’ve already started to support the build of a new nursery in an SOS Children’s Village in Zambia.   This is the latest photo I have, although I’ve been told that it does now have a roof!  It’s opening in October so I will have more recent pictures to share soon.

The nursery will care for around 90 toddlers from the Chipata SOS Children’s village in Zambia, and the surrounding community.   There will be 3 groups of around 30 children; two nannies and an assistant will care for each group.   The educational philosophy is ‘learning through play’ – exactly the same as the nursery my son attends.    The daily routine is just as it is here, an 8am start, nap-time after lunch, indoor and outdoor play everyday.  Sounds organised – but either here or in Zambia, with all those happy children running around – I’m sure it’s more like organised chaos!

The orphaned and abandoned babies we’re helping are miles away, in towns and cities we had never heard of.   But that doesn’t make them, or the life they deserve, any different.    They’re just like my son, their nursery school days are just like his, and at from babies with love we believe all babies should have a fair start in life, no matter where they are born!

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