3 things I didn’t expect – setting up a social enterprise – part 3

Part 3: there’s lots behind the answer to ‘the best Chinese takeaway in London’!

That minimalist Google search screen.  Who stops to think about what goes on behind it as they’re typing in “best Chinese takeaway in London”?   I certainly didn’t, and I’ve discovered there’s an awful lot!

I’d vaguely heard of search engine optimisation (SEO) before I started my business plan, but now I know there are professionals that dedicate their life to it. I’m not a techy person but to ensure www.frombabieswithlove.org is on page one of relevant searches I’m starting to learn the language.

Key things I’ve learned so far:

–       It takes a bit of time for search engines like Google to index new pages; by setting up a holding page in advance of the site launch, www.frombabieswithlove.org is already recognised by Google and the like.

–       Not only are directory listings and references on other sites great for marketing, they are great for SEO, because Google gains trust for new sites through links to established sites.

–       Content has to be new and continually updated – Google notices and ranks a website with new content higher in relevant searches.  A news section or a blog is a great way to do this.

–       There is little value in repeating chunks of text containing key words throughout a website – Google can identify this and scores it negatively.  Plus it would be terrible for customers of course!

–       It’s important to choose key words that make the site very relevant to a targeted group of people looking specifically for a particular product.  Using broad key words might be relevant to more people, but, without paying a fortune for advertising, a site would be so far down the search results that no-one would see it.

As I get closer to launching www.frombabieswithlove.org I’m ticking off tasks on my to do list.  One thing I didn’t expect but now know for sure – SEO is going to be on my to do list forever!   If anyone has any great tips to share I would love to hear them!

One thought on “3 things I didn’t expect – setting up a social enterprise – part 3

  1. Hi loved the piece about SEO. Im sure your spiderman has it covered but don’t forget to submit a sitemap text file to google. It gets you on their pages faster. Keep up the good work!

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