3 things I didn’t expect – setting up a social enterprise: Part 2

Part 2: its boom time for social enterprise! 

From online payment services to postal bag printing – the sector is growing and for nearly any service I have needed – I have found a social enterprise!

A social enterprise is a business that uses its profits to further its social mission.  There are lots of famous examples; CafeDirect, The Big Issue and The Eden Project are all social enterprises.   And there are many others – Social Enterprise UK, a national body, notes there are 62,000 in the Great Britain, and that this figure is probably understated. According to various reports, the social enterprise sector has been growing faster than the rest of the economy.

When I began setting up from babies with love I knew the social enterprise sector was well established – but I didn’t realise that its been growing so fast, that it has such wide reach, and that I would be able to find suppliers, providing great value and service, that also have the same principles as us.   It’s amazing!

For example, when you purchase an item of baby clothing on our website, your payment will be processed by CharityClear, an online payment services social enterprise.  100% of their profit goes to Epilepsy Scotland.    It’s brilliant to know that, as well as using all our profit for a social purpose the fees we pay to suppliers like CharityClear are doing the same.

We know our customers are going to feel fantastic – enjoying their beautiful item of baby clothing and knowing they are helping orphaned and abandoned babies around the world.  Now we can also explain how our suppliers are helping others too.

So here’s to the continued growth and success of the social enterprise sector!   May it continue to surprise me!

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