Meet our first baby!

Exciting news for my first blog! from babies with love has started sponsoring its first baby!  Ousmane*, a 12 month old boy from Guinea in West Africa.

I have an adorable photo; let me try to describe him…   He’s pretty sturdy, much like my own baby boy!  He’s standing well, waving his arms in the air and I would say smiling but he’s using a dummy!  Smiling with his eyes then!  The children’s village where he now lives tells me that his favourite colour is blue.  Also that he has become very attached to his foster mother and loves being cuddled by her.

Sadly, Ousmane’s father died, and his mother was not in a position to care for him.   But he now has a new, permanent home, where he should grow up safely, loved by his foster family and he will receive an education.

Guinea is among the poorest countries in Africa. Maternal mortality is high, as is the under 5 mortality rate – although the good news is that it’s declining.    The children’s village where Ousmane lives has eleven family houses.   There is a school and a nursery, taking children from the neighbourhood as well as the children’s village.   With funds from SOS Children’s Villages, supported by from babies with love, we hope he will get a fairer start to life than would otherwise have been possible.

I am launching from babies with love to help more babies like Ousmane.  From babies with love is a social enterprise, donating 100% of profit to charities supporting orphaned and abandoned children.    Our online shop selling beautiful organic baby clothes is launching soon!

So watch this space!  As we progress we will be using all our profit to help more babies like Ousmane!

* not his real name, I changed it to protect his privacy

One thought on “Meet our first baby!

  1. Incredibly exciting, can’t wait to hear more about the amazing things @frombabieswithlove can do to help children.

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